Monday, August 20, 2012

there's a graceful way of doing things

F O R   R U T H 


There’s a graceful way of doing things. Birch branches
Curve slightly upward; or the wind brings a few
snowflakes down, and then joins the night;
Or you leave me a sprig of chervil and no more.

Each morning we have this new chance. We can walk
A few steps behind the others down the mountain;
We can enter a conversation as if we were blessed,
Not insisting on our old way of gaining pity.

There’s a way you have of knowing what another
May need ahead of time, before the party
Begins, as smoke sometimes disappears
Downward among branches. And I’ve learned.

From you this new way of letting a poem be.

And some people have a knack for doing things gracefully, for letting light enter their home.  For letting light.

All the photos in this post were taken at the home of friends, Cathy and Slavo Cech.  And I'm just going to let the images speak.  (But do take note of the amazing cathedral cake....what a work of art! and that's before I even tell you it's a RUM cake.....)


  1. Thank you for the lovely visions, the human balance of light and dark.

  2. Oh Shawna, those are exquisite images. I love the idea of taking photos at friends' homes. Looks like we're both embracing and focusing on the light these days. Love that one of the clematis a lot.

  3. Such gorgeous, gorgeous images--and the perfection of that poem on this day. Thank you!

  4. and thank you all, for stopping by, for looking. means a lot. ~ Shawna

  5. Well, you really do have a way of finding the light, my dear. I see things like dust, plants that need deadheading, leaves ravished by insects, clutter (well, you don't have to look far at my house....). Your photos see through this and find the beauty and the peace it brings. I think I should get you to photograph my house more often, so I don't feel so overwhelmed by it's upkeep. The beet salad pic reminded me that we loved it and should make it again. Great job!


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