Saturday, August 25, 2012

was it all really worth it...

R O S E S 

by Billy Collins

In those weeks of midsummer
when the roses in gardens begin to give up,
the big red, white, and pink ones—
the inner, enfolded petals growing cankerous,
the ones at the edges turning brown
or fallen already, down on their girlish backs
in the rough beds of turned-over soil,

then how terrible the expressions on their faces,
a kind of was it all really worth it? look,
to die here slowly in front of everyone
in the garden of a bed-and-breakfast
in a provincial English market town,
to expire by degrees of corruption
in plain sight of all the neighbors passing by,

the thin mail carrier, the stocky butcher
(thank God the children pay no attention),
the swiveling faces in the windows of the buses,
and now this stranger staring over the wall,
his hair disheveled, a scarf loose around his neck,
writing in a notebook, writing about us no doubt,
about how terrible we look under the punishing sun.

{you can listen to the poem here}

I have been astonished by the roses this tiny rose bush has produced - from the moment we planted it this spring.  It's still blooming! And you can see in the photo below how many buds there are to come.  They start off quite an apricot colour, and then fade, or bloom into a light pink.  If they're asking, was it really worth it? - my answer to them, is a resounding, yes!  Even when they fade, they're quite poetic...quite elegant. I suppose winter will be here before these beauties all have time to bloom. That's the one thing I'm worried about.

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  1. such beauty, even as they are beyond their prime ... Your photos are so beautifully done. This post inspires me to dig out the photos I took this week of some of my faded ladies. It's always so calming here.


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