Monday, September 10, 2012

a deeper gold early and late

"I will astonish Paris with an apple!"

~ Cezanne

{read about Cezanne's apples here}

From a poem titled "Late Summer" by Jennifer Grotz:

"Summer specializes in time, slows it down almost to dream."


"Summer lingers, but it’s about ending. It’s about how things
redden and ripen and burst and come down."

And another poem here by Li-Young Lee, titled "Falling: The Code"  

 The drama of fall, the dreaminess.  The older I get, the more emotional the season becomes for me, the more astonishing.  Especially the way the light is a deeper gold early and late in the day.


  1. I can relate to those thoughts about the light and autumn. The light is so warm and comforting in these images.

    Thank you for introducing me to Li-Young Lee, especially to her poem Falling: The Code. That's a keeper.

  2. Love your images, especially the first apple (astonishing!). So nice to turn to the mysteries of paint and lens on a day like a day, and then to have all the senses gathered up in the piece by Li-Young Lee. All of our apples fell one night, too--what I missed in not hearing them, and have now regained!


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