Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I, the dreamer

"The dream description also presents problems of framing. It questions the relationship between subject and object, since the "I" of a dream is often either unassimilated or diversely identifiable, so to speak reversible, wavering between selves called Me and Not-me.  

"I," the dreamer, is not of necessity identical to the "I" of waking life."  

~ Lyn Hejinian, from The Language of Inquiry

Early morning photos, taken while still the I of the dream.  The dreaming I, who may not be the real I, the blogging I.  The eye that may or may not be related to a dreaming or blogging I.  These things I have seen, before the coffee wakes me up and I am a caffeinated I. Through the lens of a blurry-eyed I. 


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