Friday, September 21, 2012

the beauty of the abandoned

The beauty of the abandoned.  

This song seems to me to be a good accompaniment to the photos {Basement Apartment by Sarah Harmer}

Rob gave a short talk / artist walkabout yesterday at the gallery he shows at in Edmonton - The Douglas Udell Gallery - for some people visiting for a conference. Very well received.

Before we went into the gallery I spied this couch in the empty lot beside the gallery.  On the other side of the lot is an old apartment. I suppose someone moving out one day just ditched this beauty. It's been there a while.

I had fun applying a different treatment to the one above.

A little bit closer.

The view toward the back alley.

The blurry version:

The same photo as above but with a few more nudges in Picasa, followed by the 1960s application. I think this is my favorite of the bunch.  

And lastly, the little pink house across the alley, behind the apartment.  I like the shadow of the tree on the house, and the swaying of the picket fence.  

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