Monday, September 24, 2012

the ether of a place

In John O'Donohue's book of blessings (To Bless the Space Between Us), he talks about who can bless, and says, "Wherever one person takes another into the care of their heart, they have the power to bless.  He talks about kindness, too, as a blessing.  "Perhaps we bless one another all the time, without even realizing it," he says.

He also says that a place may bless us.

"When you are in a certain place, great love or kindness happens; it imprints itself on the ether of the place. When we pass there, hungry and needy in spirit, that loving imprint shines on us like an icon."

And he speaks about Rilke:

"Rilke recommended that when life became turbulent and troublesome, it was wise to stay close to one simple thing in nature."

I suppose you could say, I've been staying close to the fence.  There was one day last week, where the light was that perfect clear grey, and I noticed that all the flowers - sunflowers, scarlet runners, morning glory - that I'd planted along the fence in the spring were suddenly out.  My ninja gardening, as I call it. And many of the weeds looked like flowers.  It all seemed a blessing, this path beside the too loud highway where I walk the dog.

But what I wanted to do this morning before running madly out of the house for work with hair still damp, was to write a blessing for Monday, for the week ahead. The pictures will have to suffice, though, my dears, though I do hope you find yourself in a place, however briefly, that enlivens your souls.

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