Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canadian Poetries

The project I've been working on is a website / e-zine called, Canadian Poetries.  At this point, it's very much a work in progress, but I think there are some amazing pieces by Canadian poets up there currently. There will be more added on a weekly basis. I was going to write a big explanation of why I decided to do such a thing - but I think the poem below answers to that. Because there is consolation in  the poems of others. Only others save is always the case.  

The Beauty Created By Others

by Adam Zagajewski

Only in the beauty created
by others is there consolation,
in the music of others and in others’ poems.
Only others save us,
even though solitude tastes like
opium. The others are not hell,
if you see them early, with their
foreheads pure, cleansed by dreams.
That is why I wonder what
word should be used, “he” or “you.” Every “he”
is a betrayal of a certain “you” but
in return someone else’s poem
offers the fidelity of a sober dialogue.


  1. Hey! Great idea! Look of all the pictures. They do say poets / writers / artists (especially the ones with the wine in them . . .), don't they. Love the logo and font, too. You are really a stylist, you know.

  2. I love poetry so I'll be sure to check out the webpage! I'm not familiar with a lot of Canadian poets so thanks for sharing.


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