Wednesday, October 3, 2012

let poetry ring louder in your ears

Believe, Believe

Believe in this. Young apple seeds,
In blue skies, radiating young breast,
Not in blue-suited insects,
Infesting society’s garments.

Believe in the swinging sounds of jazz,
Tearing the night into intricate shreds,
Putting it back together again,
In cool logical patterns,
Not in the sick controllers,
Who created only the Bomb.

Let the voices of dead poets
Ring louder in your ears
Than the screechings mouthed
In mildewed editorials.
Listen to the music of centuries,
Rising above the mushroom time.

And let poetry ring louder in your ears than the cars whizzing by on the highway, and the cacophony of  Facebook status lines, and the headlines you glimpse in the newspaper boxes as you walk by them. Let poetry ring louder in your ears than the 10 O'clock news read, however beautifully, by Peter Mansbridge. Let poetry ring louder in your ears than all the gorgeous small talk you make in a day, and louder than the voice in your head that feeds your mother guilt and all those other kinds of guilt one harbours, and louder than the voice that tells you, no, no, you can't, and louder than the voice of doubt.

Listen, as Bob Kaufman says, to the music of centuries.

Believe, believe.  What do you believe in this morning?

I believe in the tall grasses, left wild in the utility corridor.

I believe in in the beauty of thistles, that grow by the fence.

I believe in the dried daisies and their lovely descent into minimalism.

I believe in the clinging and the withering, and the dried out, and also in what blooms late, and strong, amid all the fading.

I believe in the light that clings to what goes to seed.

And in the gaps in things, so that we may see through.


  1. Oh, my,
    dear Shawna,
    your written thoughts ARE poetry! Hurrah for you and for your words and for what you believe and for helping me think about what I too believe.
    Today's post is wonderful beyond any words I can express except thanks.

  2. I see Edna has already said EXACTLY what I was about to say. Your post is poetry and I too believe in the same things you believe in here. In addition I might add that I believe in: the voices of mothers; the traces of those before us; the whisperings in the wind.

  3. you're both too lovely for words. thank you thank you.

    and Diane - your line is the beginning of a poem....


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