Wednesday, October 10, 2012

like a blossom on a star tree

M O O N   A N D   A P P L E

by Rolf Jacobsen
translated by Robert Bly

When the apple tree blooms,
the moon comes often like a blossom,
paler than any of them,
shining over the tree.

It is the ghost of the summer,
the white sister of the blossoms who returns
to drop in on us,
and radiate peace with her hands
so that you shouldn’t feel too bad when the hard times come.
For the Earth itself is a blossom, she says,
on the star tree,
pale with luminous
ocean leaves.

Thinking this morning of the fall moon, the earth, as blossoms on the star tree. 

And us, residing on a blossom of the star tree. That is how far from ordinary we are.  

Or, let's think of the apple blossom - how far it comes.  That miracle.  

Snow falling right now, out my study window....large glorious flakes, that miracle....I know I won't be able to resist posting photos - so you may hear from me again today : )


  1. Loved everything about this. Beautiful...

  2. me too and she's a beautiful daughter with lovely hair

  3. She is indeed beautiful. Love red against grey, too. :)


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