Wednesday, October 31, 2012

stay beautiful


by Al Young

Stay beautiful
but don’t stay down underground too long
Don’t turn into a mole
or a worm
or a root
or a stone

Come on out into the sunlight
Breathe in trees
Knock out mountains
Commune with snakes
& be the very hero of birds

Don’t forget to poke your head up
& blink
Walk all around
Swim upstream

Don’t forget to fly 

"Every once in a while — often when we least expect it — we encounter someone more courageous, someone who chose to strive for that which (to us) seemed unrealistically unattainable, even elusive. And we marvel. We swoon. We gape. Often, we are in awe. I think we look at these people as lucky, when in fact, luck has nothing to do with it. It is really about the strength of their imagination; it is about how they constructed the possibilities for their Life. In short, unlike me, they didn’t determine what was impossible before it was even possible."

~ Debbie Millman, taken from literary jukebox

" is about how they constructed the possibilities for their Life."

"stay beautiful"

These are the words that are going to be rolling around in my head today. It is so incremental - the way in which you construct the possibilities that become, that are, your life. All I have ever wanted to do was to write, to see. To notice the most darling insignificant things, and to wonder at them.

How to stay beautiful?  It's true - that it's important not to stay underground too long, which is my natural inclination. This is partly why I started my new site, Canadian Poetries.  Also, to share, to celebrate those writers who continue, in spite of everything, to produce. As poets, we need not fear overexposure. Some, sure, have had more time in the spotlight than others. But mainly the work goes on underground. So often I have looked at the work by the poets on the site already (and the work of those lined up) and I have swooned, marvelled, been in awe. Having the opportunity to share a bit of their work, is for me, so delicious.

Today's seeing: new snow clinging, one season moving over for the next, gray light, a garden neglected.

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