Monday, November 26, 2012

the thread you have to keep finding

"All sorrows are less with bread."

~ Cervantes

It seems early this year, perhaps because winter was also early, but I've been feeling the SAD kicking in. The days are still getting shorter. And it might not be so bad to have the 8 hour day, if it actually included some sunlight...

I've been doing all the usual things to fend off SAD. The usual winter rituals. 

I also attempt to use it for all it's worth, write through it, and see how that changes the work.  Sadness and sorrow can be good for poetry, for art, to a certain degree.

The poem I keep going back to on The Poetry Foundation, is this one by Jean Valentine - Sanctuary

"Yes I know: the thread you have to keep finding, over again, to   
follow it back to life; I know. Impossible, sometimes."


  1. Winter still gets to me even though I live farther south now. I resonate with the image of finding the thread over and over. I remind myself that if I do not see it, looking for it still helps.

  2. Thanks, Margaret - yes, I think that's the thing - to keep looking, having faith it's there.


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