Thursday, December 6, 2012


One day this week, I had a request for vanilla cake, a sort of  'consolation for having to suffer through the tedious horribleness that is junior high cake,' and since I was working at home that day, it seemed possible. So I dialed up Martha Stewart on the internet and found a recipe that seemed quite simple. The cake turned out. Don't ask me why, I had the desire to make the icing pink. And it's a little too pink, and there wasn't quite enough to go around. But since it was just for us, it seemed okay that the cake showed through. It's just a real, ordinary, homemade thing, which did the trick in so far as filling the request and for being consolatory.

I took a few shots with my Nikon. They're okay. I mean, I didn't linger, we just wanted to eat the cake. And the sun goes down so. very. early.  So there wasn't a ton of natural light.

So then I pulled out my phone and the trusty hipstamatic app.  (Which is similar to instagram in some ways). And I took a silly number of photos because it was fun. And here they are.

(Sidebar note - did you know that Emily Dickinson was quite a baker?)

(I, quite obviously, am not).


  1. You've made me want to go and bake a cake now! And what a nice mother you are. I agree, junior high is pretty horrible.

  2. Oh, that is one magical fairy rainbow unicorn cake! Those shots are just great! LOVE them! And the cake even more, being a consolatory cake and all . . . Probably it wasn't intentional but the icing betrays a bit of heartbreak. Just saying.

  3. This is exactly the kind of cake that males me go weak in the tugs at my heart strings. Want to cut me a piece, sit on a sofa with feet up....and eat very quietly and slowly.....


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