Friday, December 7, 2012

for there is so little time

"For there is so little time to waste during a life, what little there is being so precious, that we must waste it, in whatever way we come to waste it, with all our heart."

~ Mary Ruefle

"It is not possible to have an adequate image of how inexhaustible the expansiveness and possibilities of life are. No fate, no rejection, no hardship is entirely without prospects; somewhere the densest shrub can yield leaves, a flower, a fruit." 

~ Rilke

It's imperative to believe this.

With all your heart.

The great exhale....

or quiet your mind.


  1. I found Mary Ruefle when "wasting time" in Green Apple Books. As I sit here in the coffee shop sipping a Misto, I think how in my 20s, 30s and even 40s I squeezed time as if it was a tube of tooth paste. It was a large tube and it wasn't necessary to keep checking to see if it was coming to it's end. Often I'd give it a squeeze a little to much and it would glob onto the bathroom counter and I would wipe up without a thought - so what the tube remained fate. Now, I'm aware of the tube and how thin its got. I now squeeze that tube with care acknowledging globs left on the counter.

    Silly way of saying I am now conscious of time and if I want to "waste time" it is done with awareness foreign to me when I was younger.

  2. Thank you both. And Pat, yes, the true.


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