Wednesday, December 12, 2012

persimmon dreams

Watched a documentary film last night titled Red Persimmons which led to dreams of persimmons, trees full of the fruit. There is a section of the movie which is a time lapse of the drying fruit - a man has  precisely described the conditions necessary - the time of year, the sun rising here and setting there in the mountains, the wind that must blow through the drying fruit, just so. And then you see it very quickly - the sun rising over the fruit, illuminating it, red-orange jewels, then shadows of the surrounding trees fall on the hanging bands of fruit, and then the darkness surrounding the fruit, which glows for a little before disappearing into night.

I've never had a dried persimmon but after seeing the elaborate process of picking and peeling and drying and curing and brushing and packaging.....when I do have one (new quest for me), I will savour it very slowly.

I've been dipping into and out of so many books lately that I can't remember where I read this - that in some cultures, when you meet someone you know in a dream you've had, the practice is to talk to the person the next day - phone them up or something - and thank them for being in your dream. And there is that urge, isn't there, to contact someone who shows up in a night dream, and ask them how they are. Especially depending on the situation of the dream. If you can even remember that situation.

There's a friend I've more or less lost touch with, who once in a while shows up in my dreams, as he did last night also. It's never anything dramatic, he just shows up as a presence, maybe a guardian angel type of feeling. I don't call him up, but I do sort of say a thank you into the universe.


  1. These are lovely. Such lovely thoughts.

  2. these images are all lovely -- my favourite the last one with the coordinating cup.
    I too feel it's significant when someone we know appears in a dream. I think there is always a reason.

  3. Peel that persimmon, slice it up and eat it right now! They are so good!


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