Monday, December 17, 2012

to give beauty away

"It is Beauty that magnetizes the contemplative, and it is the duty of the contemplative to give beauty away so that the rest of the world may, in the midst of squalor, ugliness, and pain, remember that beauty is possible."  

~ Joan Chittester

And it is very often beauty that magnetizes the poet. But perhaps we are all obligated to give beauty away, remind each other that it's still possible, even though horrible things happen, even though unimaginable things take place.

My response to the recent news has been - silence. To just sit with it in silence. Hold it, cradle it. I understand all the people that need to rage. But by nature I'm more inclined to despair. I'm nurturing a deep quiet. I'm remembering the light that falls on the table, as gently as love.

And though this might make it worse for some, it helps for me to listen to this:

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  1. The fruit on cloth pictures look like Robery Lemay paintings . . .


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