Tuesday, December 4, 2012

yes is a world

love is a place

by e. e. cummings

love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places

yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skillfully curled)
all worlds

I've been living in the world of yes......which is to say I've said yes to quite a few things lately, a few too many, truth be told. Good things, for the most part. And I believe in yes, though yes can mean your own work is put aside, and possibly just when things were starting to gel....

However, so many nice people have done lovely things for me of late! Vibeke at a butterfly in my hair has included me in her advent project. And Anna has made a gallery of my snow photos on 100mm and she's also interviewed me (and translated it into Italian!) I took Italian in university many (many) years ago, so it's mostly faded, but how I love that language....

I have made a list of things to do before bed....and if I pull it off that means, more writing time tomorrow. So wish me luck, will you?

1 comment:

  1. Luck! And congrats on the interview! Sometimes we need to be stretched and kneaded to be able to rise fully.


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