Saturday, January 26, 2013

a heartbeat that pounds on yours

"My line is childlike but not childish. It is very difficult to fake... to get that quality you need to project yourself into the child's line. It has to be felt." 

- Cy Twombly

The Cy Twombly book happened to be out on the kitchen table - I'd been showing Chloe something in it before she went to school. After she left I turned around, and noticed the colours of the flowers echoing the image of the painting in the book. I like these more natural sort of photographs, the randomness of everyday life.

What I really want to express, in my writing and in my photos too, is this heartbeat that pounds on yours - this feeling of oneness with the universe. We are all alone together, that sort of thing. But often, one is tired, one writes what one can. I travel paths I've traveled before. My mind is cloudy, I verge into depression - one small thing is all it takes to set one spiralling at times. It becomes difficult to see, everything becomes dull and some days completely lustreless. (The world is all in our mind, it's true). As an experiment, on those days I take photos anyway. I go through the motions with my writing. I take photos of what there is in my limited sphere. I do what I am able. And once in a while I look back and say, hey, not half bad.  

What do I want to express? The subject means little. The arrangement, the design, colour, shape, depth, light, space, mood, movement, balance, not one or all of these fills the bill. There is something additional, a breath that draws your breath into its breathing, a heartbeat that pounds on yours, a recognition of the oneness of all things. 

Emily Carr

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  1. Thank for this quote from Emily Carr. She was an amazing writer and artist. And I like your paragraph about those "lustreless" days. So true. And always, your posts are, at the very least, not half bad. lol


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