Tuesday, January 29, 2013

each of us is an artist of our days

“Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our time will become.”
John O'Donohue

About once every month and a half - I magically end up with a couple days off, sometimes even three off from the library in a row. This week, dare I say it, I have three in a row, and then one more really since I don't work until the evening. I spent at least part of the weekend clearing out my inbox, crossing off the 'businessy' parts of writing off my list, wrapping up some freelance stuff. So that I feel like I have a mini-writing retreat happening. It's rather heavenly. So far so good, nothing has happened to thwart my time. The first thing I did was put on the Anonymous 4 music that I have written most (but not all...) of my books to. Weird to say maybe. But what happens is - as soon as I hear that music, it settles me, my mind clears and I can get into the work more quickly.

Even though it's so beautiful to be the artist of these kinds of days - where there is nothing to do but write in between walking the dog and picking up our daughter from school - I need to remind myself to be the artist of those days where my time is divided and fragmented - by more mundane tasks, by work in the home and out, and by family and social time.

 On the weekend, my lovely daughter agreed to be a 'model' in a photo shoot in my study, once again. I love it when we spend time like this together. (And I think she doesn't even half mind it).

The scarf I normally have draped over the blue chair in my office was put into service - adding to the general pastel tones I was going for. 

Before we started I took this shot of my Clarice Lispector shelf in the corner of my study - to the right of my desk as a test shot. But I quite like the way it turned out.

And this was the last shot, when we were all finished and getting ready to put things away. 


  1. Love the Clarice shot. Beautiful. I would recognize C's hands anywhere. Lovely shots (...and cute freckles!).


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