Friday, January 18, 2013

life goes by anyway


by Kath Farrell

Not only the cultivated ones in parks
and gardens, unfolding immaculate petals
on a terrace or trellis, and not just
the wild ones, kissed by elegant birds
in jungle foliage, or brightening roadsides
and meadows, blossoming anyplace that anything
can blossom, but thanks also to flowers
blooming in paintings, on carpets, pottery,
fabrics of dresses and draperies or wherever
the real or invented colors and shapes
of flowers lift the mood of a scene,
as they are snipped from bushes, gathered
in cordless bunches, tied in ribbons
or arranged in rare bouquets for precious vases.
Perfect by nature for gift and centerpiece,
they perfume ballrooms, backyards and prairies,
and, indoors or out the window, they gladden
celebrations and refresh every country
and season, for, even in iciest winter.
The word flower thrives in every language,
adorning what everyone says and imagines
with the beautiful thought of flowers
which teach by timeless example
that life goes by anyway; you might as well

Friday morning....a little groggy after staring at the ceiling for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. I was just bragging to someone that this hadn't happened for a month.

But even so, the word flower thrives, even in iciest winter.....

Is this the end of the roses? It would seem so. Nothing left to do, but give thanks....

I give thanks also, for flowers in poems.

But mostly this morning, I give thanks for coffee...

Have a beautiful Friday, may you flower. Thanks for all the comments and visits this past week. May your weekend be full of flowers, full of creativity.


  1. lovely words, lovely images and I sure do covet that table.

  2. oh and I also like the new look of the header


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