Thursday, January 17, 2013

somewhere in the light

from "Bread" by W.S. Merwin {full poem here}

Each face in the street is a slice of bread
wandering on

somewhere in the light the true hunger
appears to be passing them by

I remember posting the Merwin poem a long while ago. This was before I had read all of Wendell Berry (the poem is dedicated to him). And it was before I worked at the library where I am at present. So the poem, while it meant something to me before, has more resonance now. 

I read the poem again, thinking about the dreams, forgotten. I read it again for the dark breath of bread and for the radiance of the wheat field in the last stanza. We are all somewhere in the light, the radiance deeply embedded in our being. If we are bread, once we had our faces turned to the sun, swaying. 

I'm sure I'll read this poem in another year and it will say more. 

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