Friday, February 15, 2013

the clearest way

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

~ John Muir

Yesterday I was exhausted. I said to Rob before I left the house to expect me back within 15 minutes - I just didn't feel like walking on the ice and the frozen snow, and the way that it makes you feel so brittle, so rickety. I went a little earlier than I have been, which meant that I was on an extra sharp lookout for the coyote. And I did see him before the dog did, getting the leash back on him in time, and the coyote was on the other side of the fence so one feels relatively safe. (Last week the coyote followed us on the path on our side of the fence).  

He's a beautiful fellow, which the photos don't entirely show off as they're super-cropped. I was wishing I'd had the zoom lens for a few minutes. 

We left the coyote to his own devices, and turned the corner away from the field. There's a scant stand of trees that we pass by, and being somewhat energized from seeing the furry fellow, decided to wade through the snow and into the trees.  

The magpies were gathering above. And this was hanging below:

Walking further on though, this was what surprised:

 Seemed a soft and small reminder that spring might be coming. The white amid all the snow and barren trees seemed quite a little miracle.

It seemed important at the time to take as many photos as possible of this moment, the light, dim and low coming into that scrubby stand of trees to land quietly on this softness.

And more things getting ready to happen: 

And then at the end I turned around and took this shot, which in honesty I've taken many times before, but never really liked the contrast between tree and sky. But I keep trying - because that tree, fallen, held, so high up seems also like something of a small miracle to me. Seems to be speaking to me....

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  1. Beautiful. I feel as if I had a holy moment right along side you. Love the tree that is being held by his brothers.... so comforting.


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