Thursday, February 7, 2013

the other side of light

from a poem by Robert Bly, titled, Looking At Some Flowers:

"Light is around the petals, and behind them:
Some petals are living on the other side of the light."

{the rest of the poem here}

"Colours always stain the page; clouds pass over it. And the poem, I think, is only your voice speaking."

~ Virginia Woolf, The Waves

To get to the point in the poem where it's only your voice speaking - light is around the words, and behind them, clouds pass over the page, some words on the other side of light. 

Have you read Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge yet? (Her book I Love Artists is one I greatly admire).

From "Forms of Politeness":

"Her persistent observation, even after the frost, is of each leaf coinciding with its luminousness"

I've run out of time this morning.....but do wish you all calm things.....

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