Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the shabbiest everyday


by Karin Boye

I would like to paint a meagre fragment
of the shabbiest everyday, so worn and grey,
but radiant with that fire that made
the whole world leap from the Creator’s hand.
I would like to show how what we disdain
is holy and deep and the Spirit’s attire.
I would like to paint a wooden spoon in such a way
that people had an inkling of God!

I wandered through the morning yesterday, feeling deadened, dispirited. This always happens to me after a few nights of insomnia. Late in the afternoon, right before the school pick-up, I noticed the light at the back window. There was a funny idea I wanted to try - something I thought would be a good book cover for some imaginary volume on processed food, or a novel with a malnourished character. I started with the photos at the end of this post, and then the light just seemed to be getting better and better. So I ditched my cheese sandwich idea and carried on.

You've seen the books before, the petals. Everything is drier and more faded. The same window in the back corner of my kitchen.

I can spend days asking myself, why take so many photographs - and then a moment like this - the chance to commune with the light, the radiance.


  1. The books do inspire as does the cheese sandwich.

  2. The poem is exquisite. The photos with the prismatic light...divine. And, oh it is to laugh, the whimsy of wrapped cheese slices between bread slices pretty much sums up how most people have become numb to their senses. Such a delightful post. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Lucy and Anonymous x 2 :)


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