Saturday, February 9, 2013

there is flight around me

W O O D S 

by Wendell Berry

I part the out thrusting branches 
and come in beneath 
the blessed and the blessing trees. 
Though I am silent there is singing around me. 
Though I am dark 
there is vision around me. 
Though I am heavy 
there is flight around me.

So much colour in winter, as it turns out. Scads of photographs follow, from a walk I took one morning this past week:


  1. Love the little hints of pink. So beautiful!

  2. Hey! The buds on that chokecherry are getting fat. (4th photo from the bottom.) Thanks for the reminder that spring is on its way. And for seeing beauty everywhere, as you always do.

  3. So much attentiveness in these photographs, that they've made me sad. Possibly there is no beauty without impermanence.


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