Friday, March 1, 2013

food photography friday

"People who love to eat are always the best people." 

- Julia Child

Although these photos tell a different story, we're on a health food kick over here. I do love to eat, but it's been a long winter of over-indulging and something has to give.

Everything is a subject; the subject is yourself. It is within yourself that you must look and not around you... The greatest happiness is to reveal it to others, to study oneself, to paint oneself continually in one's work. 

- Eugene Delacroix

As you likely know, especially those of you who have read my book Calm Things, we think about still life quite a bit in this house. I'm still mulling over those differences and similarities between this idea of food photography and that of still life, whether in painting or in photography. Anyway, there is the high end food photography, or commercial stuff - stuff that's shot for magazines and newspapers and cookbooks. But I think there's this entire other realm of food photography - people I guess like me, who just take these photos more as a glimpse into a life. If you're trying to take a photo every day, and your life is at least partly in the domestic sphere, then you're going to end up taking a photo of what you made for lunch or dinner or breakfast. 

I think it reveals something about the way we live, it reveals something about ourselves in ways that other photos can't. When I see photos of a real kitchen table with say, a bowl of cereal, a cup of coffee, a book, I always feel so privileged to have that glimpse into a life. The subject is yourself, right?

This was a Friday night treat last week. A recipe that Chloe found on the internet.

And the next two photos are of a Japanese recipe she found (also on the internet of course) for strawberry shortcake she made last weekend when I was at work. She also took the photos herself. I was impressed.

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  1. How perfect! We all turn into our mothers . . . resistance is futile.


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