Monday, March 4, 2013

March snow

We had some beautiful March snow - that particular wet kind of snow that clings to trees, fences, roof tops. In the morning that light blue, silvery light. I walked the dog along the usual path, and took so many photos. (Which you'll be seeing in the days to come). But the light was so lovely and I knew the snow wouldn't be clinging for long (in fact it had mostly fallen off the trees by afternoon), when I came home I grabbed Rob and Chloe and we went for a short drive in the 'countryside.' These photos are taken right at the edge of the city, really. The farms, slowly being subsumed.

After a busy and draining four day weekend, I'm feeling rather silent, so will leave you with the photos. Some of me and one of Chloe at the end. I hope your coffee is hot and strong. (Or, just the way you like it...). Wishing you a calm week to come....

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