Thursday, March 28, 2013

to calm and enliven


{Rumi, translated by Daniel Ladinsky}

A voice that calms, movements that calm,
eyes that quiet - dreams that also do the 
same, and enliven too...

Be a precious donor of peace and hope.
Give love to all you meet,

for so many in this world are being torn

Thank you for all the many comments of late - they've been voices of calm and loveliness.

I went with my small family for 2 and a half days to Jasper - our usual spring break sojourn. We took books and diaries. Our daughter took her computer. (She's a teenager....) We took a few walks, and Rob and Chloe went for a few swims. Mostly we just sat and looked at the mountains from various comfortable vantage points. We ate a great deal, spoiled ourselves that way. And so now I'm feeling the need to get back to something much more austere. Usually I post oodles of photos here, but decided to just spam up my Flickr page instead :)  So if you'd like to scroll through them, here's a link.

One of the books I took with me was The Purity of Desire, by Rumi, the new Ladinsky translation. (On the recommended shelf above).  I like that in his intro he gives a nice shout-out to Coleman Barks, who has brought Rumi to so many of us. It made me like the book even more for some reason, and it's just plain cool when people do this sort of thing.

I also took my manuscript in progress with me which is based on this blog, and which I'm so far titling: Transactions with Beauty. I opened it a couple of times, but there really wasn't the concentrated space to work on it. I always forget how chopped up time becomes during spring break, and though I've had lofty goals for the week, can't say I've accomplished much so far.

However, the mountains were calm. They were steady. It was good to be in their presence, so small as we are.

Anyway, what I really like about the poem above is this feeling that when we share our calm voice, our calm dreamings, we can enliven others. That just being a calm presence for someone who's being torn apart, that can be something very real and useful.

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  1. Rumi's poetry will always be of comfort and thruth!


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