Thursday, March 14, 2013

to dream again and deeper

"For broken dreams the key is to dream again and deeper."

- C.S. Lewis

I'm looking for signs and messages in dreams and light and today, especially, in the falling snow. I'm trying to be naive and I'm trying to be graceful. I'm trying to measure the precise weight of life. To find the way to the unfathomable. I pity those who've never been put in the position of having to dream deeper.

"Whatever is heavy and difficult, as long as it is borne properly, also marks the precise weight of life. It teaches us the measure by which we may know our strength and which we may then also apply when we feel blessed with happiness." 

~ Rilke

"Among lonely people there not yet a single one who can be sure that in his suffering he might not yet console someone else and that the gestures of his most personal helplessness, like so many cues and signals, might not serve as signs guiding the way in the realm of the unfathomable."

~ Rilke

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