Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a fragile, innocuous, and transient thing...

It's back to the routine today, back to work at the library, back to school for Chloe. I also have a few writing days lined up, so I'm pleased about that.

Today's post is all about cleaning up the leftovers. A few leftover photos from Easter. In the above shot you can see the painting that Rob did and that was used for the cover of my book, Blue Feast. Speaking of which, I had the nicest message from someone saying that she had bought the book ages ago and didn't really look at it for whatever reason until lately. And that the book had spoken to her. She used words like 'courageous.' The note meant a lot, not only because of the complimentary aspects, but because it reminds one how words find a person when they need them, and it gave me hope that mine would find those who need them, too. It rather made my day.

So, a book that found me when I needed it, is Ronna Bloom's latest. I reviewed it briefly on my other site, Canadian Poetries which you can find here.

Speaking of 'discovering' or re-discovering an author - there's a very good little article in The Paris Review about Paula Fox. (She's now on my list to-read). The article ends:

"Even today, in her eighties, Paula’s writing the same icily gorgeous prose. But my experience of publishing Desperate Characters taught me a valuable lesson: literary reputation is a fragile, innocuous, and transient thing—a butterfly that dies in your palm the moment you capture it. Thus: do the work, which is the only thing over which a writer has some measure of control. Paula did the work. It was there for us to find, still vitally alive. In that sense, I wonder if maybe we don’t have all this backward. Maybe certain books and certain writers are not found. The work of Paula Fox, I think, found us."

That's really exactly what I needed to hear, and continually need to hear, apparently.  Do the work. 

I repeat, do the work, do the work, do the work.

More leftovers. Carrot scones from the Cob's Bakery.

Lastly, people have been asking me for this recipe since I posted the following image on Flickr. It's mac and cheese made with sweet potato and cauliflower. We improvised on this recipe - using old cheddar, skipping the dijon, and sprinkling a little Old Bay seasoning on top.

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  1. I would recognize those hands anywhere . . .
    Lovely spring light in your photos, Shawna. Glad to hear that some other lucky person has found you.


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