Thursday, April 25, 2013

a held-back breath

The Spring's Expectancy

Do I not walk here drunken with fragrance of roses
- yet no roses have come! -
Does not all tremble, wrapped in divine gossamer?
The reflected light whispers secret promises.

From far away a wind reached me lately,
light as a held-back breath,
full of a fragrance of shyly trembling expectancy.
Ever since then I have sensed a miracle.

I know nothing - walk as in a far-off land,
walk as in a dream, a dream of roses.
All is as before - yet all is changed.
Strange mystery over things!

And now, in this city known for being drab and ugly, cheerless, now when it's at its very drabbest, this is when one's vision is pared down, keen. The streets are home to the winter's sand and gravel, and front lawns are mounds of snow and where the snow has melted, matted down leaves left from fall, and  snow mould. We worry the plants in our yard didn't survive the winter, the snow heaped upon them endlessly, but we won't know until the ground thaws, until spring arrives in more than just name.

In the field where the coyotes live, on the other side of this fence you see, well, there was a robin, determined to find something useful for its nest, but also garbage blown in from the highway.

Still, underneath it all, a trembling.

There's something about the light in all of this spring waiting.

The wind, light as a held-back breath....but also, the light as a held-back breath....

1 comment:

  1. So glad I stopped by your world, hoping that the warmth of the sun will thaw the land and blooms will be springing out.


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