Saturday, April 27, 2013

a poem is thrilling

"Writing a poem is thrilling because you're changed by the act of writing it. You make discoveries that will sustain you, make you a better parent, make you a better citizen. If they happen to end up as adequate discoveries on the page, that's a blessing. But you're definitely making discoveries that you take back into your life."

"But the piece of paper is just as blank tomorrow as it was yesterday, and what I've not written is still much more important to me than what I have written. "

- Jorie Graham, from an interview: "Daring to live in the Details"

Oh, all the things I've yet to write.....the things I'm in the process of writing, and those things I will write next...

And meanwhile, one waits, endlessly to hear on those things that have been written, waiting to see if they will find a home. And maybe they won't. And this thought can be stifling, it can be downright paralyzing. 

I keep having this conversation with myself about how one must keep making one's art, and let the world catch up when they will. Whether it's the art buying world, or the publishing world, or one's readers and viewers. They're not part of the process of making, are they, really? 

And then, the everyday goes on, breakfasts are made. Lunches, suppers. One goes on balancing work and writing and family. One manages to go out to a reading or two during poetry month, one manages to read the work of others. One manages to appear calm. One attempts. 

The thing is, as Graham says, to write, because at the very least, writing will change you. And I think that goes for those of us who try to take a photograph or two every day. It's another way of absorbing the details of things. The fragrance of things, the way the light enters into them. That, too, may change a soul, enliven it. 

I took a photo of sour cherry jam on a toasted bun - and then, the light changed. And I did something with the camera settings, can't quite remember what. So when it came time for processing the photos - the approach for each seemed to require something different. Or maybe it was an experiment in seeing/feeling via processing.

This was part of our dinner one night. The photos where I took the recipe from are far nicer than this. But nevertheless, I thought Lucy might enjoy it.

Lastly, I made this for Chloe's lunch as she's not fond of sandwiches in her lunch. And tells me she never will be.

The recipe for Graham Cracker Banana Bread, here.

And so those are the leftovers from my week of photos, these are details from a busy week, and honestly, a rather exhausting week. And I will be working this weekend, and dreaming of the blank page a little....

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