Saturday, April 13, 2013

the days are beautiful

Yesterday there were signs of spring and I took a long walk on the clear sidewalks which made me happier than it ought. Today the snow is dancing, today is all about the weather. Today is 20 cm of dancing snow falling.

Which reminds me of a poem I posted ages ago, which begins:

 by Ann Lauterbach

The days are beautiful
The days are beautiful.

I know what days are.
The other is weather.

I know what weather is.
The days are beautiful.

Things are incidental.
Someone is weeping.

I weep for the incidental.
The days are beautiful.

Where is tomorrow?
Everyone will weep.

Tomorrow was yesterday.
The days are beautiful.

Tomorrow was yesterday.
Today is weather.

{continue reading here}   

I've been asked if I live in the country and I don't. I live in the suburbs, where there happens to be all these forest fragments. I gravitate toward them. This particular one has a clearing in the middle which is obviously a bit of a party place - in the summer there are lawn chairs. Signs of illegal fires. Cigarette butts, beer cans. You can see the places where over the years children have attempted to built tree houses, or forts on the ground.

Yesterday, there was light, an abundance of light. And so much birdsong.

I've no idea what this beauty, this little feathered creature is, but there were a few of them. (Perhaps Brenda will tell us...)

Lots of these too:

On the fringes of this small forest, I found these:

But back to this shimmering gold......I stood there for quite some time, letting it all enter me, the light, the colours, the spring smells.

I know these photos seem all much the same, but maybe in their accumulation/abundance, they convey a few of those feelings - of being surrounded, warmed by a particular light.

Leaving, this very strong feeling that the days are beautiful. Even the ones alive with the dancing of snow. 


  1. Shawna, that's a nuthatch -- most of the time they're facing the other way but not always. They appear in Edmonton during the fringes of the season: spring and fall, but never stay because they're on their way to their breeding sites (or in fall to their wintering spots). The red breasted nuthatch, on the other hand, is a bit smaller and is in Edmonton all year round.
    Here is a photo of each:

    I LOVE these photos, especially of the golden light falling upon the maple keys and of the willow buds popping open.

  2. Gorgeous light in the maple keys.

    Wherever I travel, in my selective vision the world looks like a park. Flowers in NYC, or Brussels, or Vancouver. If one has to be myopic, flowers are as good way to be that as any.

  3. Thank you, all. And nuthatch! Of course, thanks Diane.


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