Thursday, April 18, 2013

the moon's young, trying their wings

From a poem by James Wright:

The moon drops one or two feathers into the field.   
The dark wheat listens.
Be still.
There they are, the moon's young, trying
Their wings.

{read the rest of the poem here}

Photos from a walk yesterday in the lateness of spring. The snow still trying to melt, become nothing.

The morning sun diving into city forests, trying to awaken leaf-wings, moonwings.

A writing day for me, and I'm exhausted, for so many reasons, my dears. So I leave you with these photos, conserving energy for this thing I go on attempting to write.


  1. Beautiful. May you have rest today. xo

  2. Writing can sure wear a girl out, that's for sure. Hope your writing went well and eventually leads you to a big ole' exhale and rest.


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