Monday, April 22, 2013

winter eyes

Green. What a shock to my pared down winter eyes. I can't tell you how strange, and actually how difficult it was to process these. Outside, it still feels winterish, in spite of being April 22. Spring is slow in coming, and it's agonizing. The green and the light seem a bit impossible.

On the weekend, Chloe and I met some friends at the Muttart Conservatory. (Don't ask me why we haven't been going there all winter). When I lived closer and when Chloe was small, I had a yearly pass, and in the winter we'd go at least a couple of times a month to meet someone for coffee and sit in the tropical pyramid.

The big attraction there right now is the Putrella plant (below). I was fairly glad it didn't 'bloom' while we were there.

And so, feast your eyes on the green, especially if you're one of those ones waiting even for the smallest sign of spring.

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