Friday, April 19, 2013

worthy of poetry

I'm always just a little surprised when I see how many people in a week arrive at this blog because they're seeking 'things that are calm.' I find this to be humbling and also beautiful. I find it hard to be on Facebook right now because of the constant barrage of posts about Boston and other tragedies. I understand the need to say something, or re-post. But it can also be overwhelming to see the same sad and disturbing images repeated. So. I think it's healthy to filter those images and posts. It doesn't mean you feel less or are less informed than anyone else.

In truth, this was just going to be a simple post about how I love our dog. How he's one of those things that are calm. At least he is to me.

But then, also, a couple of nice things happened yesterday that I want to share. The wonderful Stephen Berg of Grow Mercy - wrote this post about my book, Calm Things. I won't say any more about it here other than to whisper thank you. If you're a writer, you know what it means when someone engages with your work in such a way.

The other nice thing is that Rob was asked to have a show at his Edmonton Gallery, The Douglas Udell Gallery, in June. So he'll be painting non-stop, and we won't see much of him for a couple of months. (Though he'll be in his basement studio - so it won't be far to visit him ; ) ). It's a wonderful opportunity for him to show off his new flower series, and we're delighted about that.

Last night I continued my reading of How the Light Gets In by Pat Schneider. I'm only on chapter 7 but I've popped it up on my recommended shelf above. I'm sure I'll be talking more about it when I've finished the book, but just wanted to share the Philip Levine quotation that she begins chapter 5 with:

"...our lives, any life, is worthy of poetry
the experience of any human being
is worthy of poetry."

I'm working through these thoughts in the book I'm writing now - Transactions with Beauty. How to make of our lives, poetry? How to see the poetry in others. How to bring that sort of living poetry to another life. How to live poetry....

But okay. Back to the dog. Who is all patience.

You might scroll past all these photos if you're not fond of dogs. But for me, looking at all his expressions is quite happiness inducing. I can just see all the thought bubbles over his head, you know? 

And so. I leave you with an abundance of Ace. And wish you all calm things today and for your weekend. 


  1. Love this, and your right, looking at that face, so calm and happy. There really is nothing better to ground you and feel loved than to have a pet.

  2. This post my dear Shawna is really quite special.



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