Friday, May 17, 2013

beautiful poetry...

Sometimes I go seeking for a poem and I don't even know what I'm looking for and sometimes I find just what I didn't know I needed to hear, a voice I know and don't know and need to know. 

So here is what I found this morning, from a poem by Camille Guthrie titled "Beautiful Poetry":

"What one really wants to get at is the real, the eternally beautiful
like The White Album or something. That’s what makes one perilous life
worth living. All the brute indifference, humiliation, and failure can put one in the
to give up, freak out, kill somebody, heart battered, so mastered. "

- Camille Guthrie

{read the whole poem here}

Meanwhile, spring begins in earnest at long last. Of course I'm a little distrustful of it.

Meanwhile, the blossoms emerge into this perilous world, beautifully oblivious, eternally beautiful.


  1. look at those buds aching to burst
    I love your reality image of the dandelions

    1. Thanks, lovely Diane! I think on my walk this morning I"ll find that many of them HAVE burst! Can't wait.

  2. So exciting! Love the buds and dandys, too.


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