Tuesday, May 28, 2013

for every hopeful morning

Prayer in My Boot

by Naomi Shihab Nye

For the wind no one expected

For the boy who does not know the answer

For the graceful handle I found in a field
attached to nothing
pray it is universally applicable

For our tracks which disappear
the moment we leave them

For the face peering through the cafe window
as we sip our soup

For cheerful American classrooms sparkling
with crisp colored alphabets
happy cat posters
the cage of the guinea pig
the dog with division flying out of his tail
and the classrooms of our cousins
on the other side of the earth
how solemn they are
how gray or green or plain
how there is nothing dangling
nothing striped or polka-dotted or cheery
no self-portraits or visions of cupids
and in these rooms the students raise their hands
and learn the stories of the world

For library books in alphabetical order
and family businesses that failed
and the house with the boarded windows
and the gap in the middle of a sentence
and the envelope we keep mailing ourselves

For every hopeful morning given and given
and every future rough edge
and every afternoon
turning over in its sleep

A respite from all the green photos lately :)

These were made by my daughter on the weekend. My daughter who is not quite 15. I'm constantly in awe of her. She's not had the most enjoyable year, grade 9. Maybe nobody really does enjoy grade 9. She's had small panic attacks for the last month or two with increasing prevalence. Yesterday was a particularly bad one, to the point where she came home from school in quite a state and I began to wonder/worry if there was more to it. The doctor's office fit us in at noon and she was checked out. Long story short, her anxiety must have increased when she began to worry that something was horribly wrong with her, which would make it even more difficult to breathe etc. So now she knows she's physically fine. And with luck that will help her calm herself. We'll be working on strategies with her. But the doctor (not our usual doc) who saw her was positively brilliant - really soothing, kind, attentive, thorough, focused entirely on her.

So you can guess all the small things I'll be praying for today, this hopeful morning. For even breathing, for calm....


  1. I know anxiety and how it can be mischievous, your daughter will know that the answer is in her and everything will come to the calm that it needs :)

    1. Very wise words for sure. Thank you for them. I think you're right - the answer is in her. what a lovely way to put it.

  2. My granddaughter, age 13, had anxiety that strikes her quite suddenly. I wonder if the "people created world" is partly the cause. The world you help us find here is slower and full of kind messages to give our inner selves encouragement. I wish you and your daughter lots of tiny miracles to find their way to your doorstep and all the little bothers to be carried off in the breeze.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Edna, and good wishes, which mean a lot! I wish your granddaughter those same tiny miracles :)

  3. Such a contrast: heartbreak and gorgeous pastries - there must be a happy heart in there somewhere . . .
    Sorry to hear it's been such a tough time.


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