Friday, May 3, 2013

making beauty and throwing it away

"Don't say it's the beautiful 
I praise. I praise the human, 
gutted and rising."

I'm feeling 'less than brilliant' today. Which is a line taken from a poem from Tony Hoagland, "A Color of the Sky."Worth reading for the image of the dogwood 'losing its mind' and for the ending (spoiler alert, ha)

"It's been doing that all week:
making beauty,
and throwing it away,
and making more."

I read that and thought, so that's what this is then. (This blog, this life....) A chance. An attempt. After the sadness, during. To make beauty, to throw it away, so that more can be made.

Of course we are gutted. Of course we rise.


  1. Yes.
    Before I had a blog I kept trying to share things in the most random ways. And almost a decade ago one of the poems I emailed to a--no doubt bewildered--contact, someone I'd met where I worked; a very good comic named Marc Maron--was "A Color of the Sky".
    I loved so much about it. The grey mood of self-doubt & confusion, the irritability, the manmade concrete ugliness borne of human weakness (liquour, crime, the neccessity of saving children from their own families), with the beauty of nature breaking in--but characterized in such a human way: sexuality, inexperience, wastefulness--
    And of course the metaphysical vandal.
    What would be a better description of the best makers of comedy?
    And the tenderness that creeps in (infant chlorophyll)--After all, he's a poet.

    1. What a wonderful reading of the poem. Thanks so much for sharing the memory, too. And isn't it great how poems stick with us in so many ways?


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