Monday, May 13, 2013

seven layers deeper

This desire to go deeper into the world, deeper into things, words, images. In John O'Donohue's book on beauty, he tells a story about Teannalach. A poet meets a farmer in an art gallery and the poet shares his deep looking of the paintings. The farmer in turn shares a story of his own special ability -Teannalach. "I live beside the lake and you always hear the ripple of the waters and the sound of wind on the water; everyone hears that. However, on certain summer days when the lake is absolutely still and everything is silent, I can hear how the elements and the surface of the lake make a magic music together." Later, another person from the same region as the farmer comes into the gallery and is asked about Teannalach and says, " is hard to say what it means. I suppose it means awareness, but in truth it is about seven layers deeper than awareness."

In the story, the ability, Teannalach, is felt to be a gift, but then also something that is developed over years and years. Developed through a daily practice. It's rare, and also recognized and revered by others.

I've been writing as a (nearly) daily practice for about 20 years, and Rob has been painting for 30 years.  Something must happen to your DNA as a result, the body must be in a different state, at a different frequency.

The light enters you in the morning, and you're altered by it. You see and hear and feel things at such a frequency that you're out of step with the rest of the world. Of course you are.

One morning this weekend, I placed this lovely pot of pansies, which I received as a birthday present from a beautiful soul, a friend, to water. And the pink pot cast such a bewitching glow in the sink. I was quite overcome with the sensation this caused in me, the constriction in my chest.

What I'm trying to do - is to develop deeper layers of awareness. To see this in others.

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