Thursday, May 30, 2013

silent hour


by Karin Boye

This is life's silent hour,
sunny and blessed,
laughing white in power-conscious peace.
The rejoicing and the songs fell silent,
for Joy overflowed the shores.
Hail to you, Joy, Joy,
in your silent, vainglorious smile!
You alone can plumb
the secret of the worlds.

O bubbles, bubbles, o foam, foam
are all our care, all our grief,
yes foam on measureless expanses,
bubbles on the ocean
is that which we chase and cherish and fear,
but Joy, Joy is the world's foundation.

How do I dare...? And yet!
Do you think that life's flower,
carved a thousand times by suffering.
would continue in darkest darkness
to shine in beauty in spite of everything,
were not its root and heart
heavy, yes, brimful of bliss?

O bubbles, bubbles, o foam, foam
is all our pain, our blind grief.
Joy alone knows more than others.
Yes, in its holy white hours
rests in the leaves' quivering daylight
the reflection of godlike depths,
smiling, smiling.

Like tidal waves, like thunderclouds
day's care will soon envelop me.
Let me remember in tears and greyness,
that clarity's blinding moment
forced me to say to life and death,
to the whole world and even to myself:
'Amen, amen,
happen, then!'

I'm heading to Ottawa today for TWUC conference and AGM. I'm looking forward to learning a lot, meeting some interesting people, and tbh - I'm excited about seeing the National Gallery. It's going to be a packed few days and I'll be blogging it when I'm back. I'm not a huge Twitter person, but I'm going to try and sneak in a few tweets when I'm there too. You can follow me @shawnalemay

I've cued up a couple of posts for while I'm gone - cuz I'm weird like that. And because I have some photos I want to share. So. Enjoy! I'm wishing you, as ever, all calm things.


  1. Wow such a beautiful poem, love the rythm when I read it out loud :)
    It's been raining here since....I don't know, it's been epic and greyness has been a constant friend even if I would love to see the face of the glorious king one of these days too!

    "Let me remember in tears and greyness,
    that clarity's blinding moment" beautiful!

    Pahud's flute has filled my heart with sparkling joy! Thank you!

    Have a great time!

  2. Hey Shawna, I chose the same kind of petunias for my patio!


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