Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a life without boundaries

"Before you go further,
let me tell you what a poem brings,
first, you must know the secret, there is no poem
to speak of, it is a way to attain a life without boundaries,
yes, it is that easy...."

from "Let Me Tell You What a Poem Brings" by Juan Felipe Herrera

{read the entire poem here}

I use this blog to work out some ideas, to try out ways of thinking and seeing, to see how a photo changes when you post it for all to see. These ones for example. I use this blog to record my everyday life, those things I encounter, to keep things fresh, and to look at old things in new ways. I use this blog to find poems. To surprise myself that way. (There is no poem to speak of....) To remember that through poetry it's possible to attain a life without boundaries. Yes.

There's something I love about these photos of our house. First, our living room, Rob's working photographs, potential paintings, lining the coffee table. The big couch we've had for twenty years. The painting of pomegranates that graces the front cover of my first book. The dog a black shadow between couch and coffee table.

I love the Cy Twombly silk screen that we bought for a Christmas present to each other this past year and the angel wings I've had for years now and that we bought at a local garden shop.

I love sitting in this room and contemplating all the things we've made and will make, each of us, Rob and myself, over so many years together. I love to sit on that big old couch that we'll probably have until forever, and daydream.

Yes, I love the crazy dog. You know that already.

And I love this crazy table that we found discounted in a store, maybe 20 years ago now. Probably everyone else thought it was a bit over the top. And it is hell to dust, I'll give you that.

Another room, with my turquoise table that appears so often in photos. The chair that Rob found in a junk shop long before we were married.

Last on the tour is my study, where I spend most of my time, when I'm not at work. It's the place in the world where I breathe the best, where I am most myself. Where I most feel that life has no boundaries. 


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