Thursday, June 13, 2013

all obstacles overcome

Last Spring

by Gottfried Benn (trans. Michael Hofmann)

Fill yourself up with the forsythias
and when the lilacs flower, stir them in too
with your blood and happiness and wretchedness,
the dark ground that seems to come with you.

Sluggish days. All obstacles overcome.
And if you say: ending or beginning, who knows,
then maybe—just maybe—the hours will carry you

into June, when the roses blow.

Our forsythia hedge has lost its blooms. The lilacs are flowering now (our yard is somehow wildly abundant in lilacs), and the poppies are blooming intermittently now. Some we planted last year coming up again, and some are newly planted, the flowers in bloom when we bought them from Home Depot. These for example. Which you will remember from a few posts back.

A further state of decline, decrepitness. Stir these in too with, as Benn says, your blood and happiness and wretchedness.

 So, all these photos and there were more at the beginning, maybe twice as many. I deleted, and deleted, the best editing tool of all, isn't it, the delete button? And now out of these, I select the one I like best to post on Flickr. Which is the one directly below. (The opposite focus of the one above).

Though I do also like this one quite a bit. The lonely wretchedness.

And I like this one because of the contrast with the lighter pink poppy, with its missing petal, the way its faded, and the way it's managed to stave off the withering.

And I like this one because of the glimpses of the rest of the bouquet.

This one is very similar to one a few above, but the colours are a bit more saturated and the pink blur is a bit less defined.

And this one I like because of the strange focus - on the yellow center of the pink poppy, and on the stem of the darker pink-red one.

Thank you for your beautiful comments this week, which I treasure. And thank you for looking at my photographs and reading poems along with me, and drinking coffee along with me, or maybe it's tea. I'll finish the cup I'm drinking now, then it will be time to wake up our daughter, to get on with the making of breakfast. All of those rituals of the morning. I'm wishing you all calm things this Friday. I'm wishing them for myself, I head into work for a full day today.

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  1. These are so lovely in their wretchedness, as you call it--as are we all. Thank you for sharing your exquisite seeing (and hearing) with us.


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