Friday, July 26, 2013

all that matters is to give everything

More from Thomas Merton's Journals:

"All that matters is to give everything, and the quicker, the better. Fighting, struggling, rebelling, and delaying make it harder, but not more meritorious. On the contrary, less. So it is fruitless to multiply difficulties and delays. Give everything and give it in the quickest possible way. All that matters is the gift."  

There is an essay titled, "Of Coffee Pots, Teacups, Asparagus and the Like" in my book Calm Things which talks about the economy of the gift, about giving, creating, replenishing. The book was published in 2008 and in the essays, Chloe is four years old - now she's 15. I was surprised to think that the essays, some of them, anyway, are a decade old. But I've been told the book is still readable, and just wanted to point out that it's available on amazon, etc. 

I feel as though I've had very little to give lately. But, this morning, I give you: stone bowl, begonias, afternoon light:


  1. A lovely gift indeed. Thanks Shawna!

  2. I was revisiting your book Calm Things last week, looking for some inspiration on still life as I tune into my backyard. A kind of al fresco writing practice this summer.

    "The goal... is to get a something real, pared down, honest, to make a connection, a place where souls can meet." Page 20.

    Good stuff, Shawna!


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