Saturday, July 13, 2013

premonitions of a book

Yesterday, I'm sitting in my backyard, it's my 47th summer, 47th time around the sun, right, and I take out my notebooks, a big glass of ice water, and also, Virginia Woolf's, A Writer's Diary. Which had called to me from the shelf somehow. I'm nearing the end of one book, and so I'm just daydreaming the next. Hoping to daydream the next book. Anyway, the first page I open the Woolf book to has this underlined (I have a habit of underlining favourite passages): 

"Really these premonitions of a book - states of soul in creating - are very queer and little apprehended. 

And then I am 47: yes; and my infirmities will of course increase." 

- Virginia Woolf

A few pages later, she is now 48. 

"To lie on the sofa for a week."

"If I could stay in bed another fortnight (but there is no chance of that) I believe I could see the whole of The Waves."  

- V. Woolf

She has been talking about a book she wishes to write, The Moth. Which turns into The Waves, as she's planning, dreaming it out. 

Oh, I'm not Virginia Woolf. Who is, really. But I've begun having premonitions. 

The Waves, is to me, the most miraculous book. It took me quite a while before I could come to it with any understanding. I circled around that book for years. 

It's too bad anyway, that you can't get a grant to lie on the sofa for a fortnight. To daydream a book, to attempt to see things whole. 


  1. premonitions
    attempt to see things whole
    47: you and VW as you 'open' up to her at this moment

    You know, I often believe or feel that kismet should be paid attention to or at the very least, kept in the background for 'reference'.
    This is good Shawna. Maybe the Bell's Palsy brought you to this.
    PS: Your photo interpretations are spot on.

    1. Thanks, Diane, for this and your other comments. I so agree - those signs we receive - we must pay attention. I love the word "kismet."

  2. Bibliomancy :) even if you were not looking for an answer to something, somehow it has made its way to you. Now, that doesn't mean that premonitions are just as clear as you read it. Most of the time they aren't... for me when there are numbers involved I always look for the secret code ;-)

    47 = 4+7 = 11 = 1+1 = 2

    2 in numerology is about the details, it is a time to work and fix what you have started last year, it is a time of duality that makes a whole - good/bad- beauty/ugliness - light/shadow - health/sickness - being with others/being alone, etc. it is a time for seeking a balance, a rythm that works for you!

    Something along those lines to be acknowledged and practiced, perhaps!

    Hope you are feeling better daily.


    1. Sofia - thank you, I am feeling better, a little every day. And thank you also for the numerology! So cool. Makes perfect sense to me. xo

  3. What a great post


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