Monday, July 15, 2013

so full of honey

"It's ridiculous to be so full of honey for a living," says Jane Yeh in her poem, "Morning."

Well, I'm not so sure it's 'for a living' but certainly, it is for living, this honey.

It's raining this morning, so the dog goes unwalked, at least for now. Rather lovely to watch it fall out my study window.

The taste

by Jack Kerouac

The taste
of rain
- Why kneel?

Photos from a walk last week. I ventured just a little into the field where the coyotes live. There used to be a well beaten path up and down the field, which is in fact the utility corridor. But the coyotes have been so abundant that the dog walkers have given up the space to them. Once in a while, when I'm out a bit earlier, I see them in the grass, pouncing on this or that.

So I have the day off from the library - and so many things I want to do, to think about, and of course, very little energy this morning, and my eyes too dry to stay on the computer for very long. However. If nothing else, I'll sit. I'll wait.

I read a poem by Brenda Hillman earlier this morning, "Summer Garden." Keep thinking about this line:

"Your calms are interesting."

Attempting to find a calm or two, to remember my calms.

The calm of listening to the rain fall on a summer day.
The calm of listening to music. Of doing nothing.
The calm of writing in my diary with my fountain pen.
Somewhere in there will be a cup of green tea, jasmine.

Wishing you calm things, too.

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  1. Thank you for this poem Shawna. There is much space in calms. Space to walk around. Thanks for the wish.


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