Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the most certain dimension

"The great work of sunrise again today."

The awful solemnity of it. The sacredness."

"Hang on to the clear light!"  

"What matters most is secret, not said. This begins to be the most real and the most certain dimension."

- Thomas Merton

What I'm trying to do here lately - hang on to the clear light, stay with it.

And so, maybe an excess of photographs. Trying to hang on to summer too.

Trying to get at what matters, what is unsaid, what is secret. Quietly.

To sit with the great work of sunrise. To wait with it. To watch it arrive. Continue to wait. Until it's light enough to take photographs. That's how it was yesterday morning. 

Eventually the dog will come out, see if there's any toast to be had. 

It begins softly, calm.

Stronger in some parts of the yard.

And then there is this sort of clarity.

The various things hanging in the cherry tree start to feel the dappled sun.

And at about this time, when the sun has just begun to work its magic, it's time to go inside and begin breakfast, for our daughter before she goes off to summer school. (Next week she'll be sleeping in....)

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