Sunday, July 7, 2013

we know it is close


by Kay Ryan

We know it is close
to something lofty.
Simply getting over being sick
or finding lost property
has in it the leap,
the purge, the quick humility
of witnessing a birth —
how love seeps up
and retakes the earth.
There is a dreamy
wading feeling to your walk
inside the current
of restored riches,
clocks set back,
disasters averted.

I'm not quite there yet....that feeling one gets when one is over an illness, that thankfulness. That feeling of restored riches...but I do know the feeling, and imagine it will soon be something I'll experience.

In the meantime, a virtual Sunday morning coffee. Some of my left-eyed photos. (Still can't blink it on its own).

A Renaissance garden.

Give me a Smile.

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