Saturday, August 31, 2013

a certain poetic value

A very late blooming Korean late August sun. Reminding me of this feeling that Chesterton speaks of:

One of the deepest and strangest of all human moods is the mood which will suddenly strike us perhaps in a garden at night, or deep in sloping meadows, the feeling that every flower and leaf has just uttered something stupendously direct and important, and that we have by a prodigy of imbecility not heard or understood it. There is a certain poetic value in this sense of having missed the full meaning of things. There is beauty, not only in wisdom, but in this dazed and dramatic ignorance.

- G.K. Chesterton

I love how the sunflowers come at the end of it all, just when everything else is winding down, they're making their grand entrance.

The zinnias are nearly finished, but still pleasant enough to look at in their decline.

In the recent Kinfolk magazine there was a piece which included Japanese proverbs which I thought was extremely lovely in its minimalism.

One of the proverbs they quoted was:

Iwanu ga hana 言わぬが花 

literally translated as, "Not speaking is the flower"

It means, 

"Some things are better left unsaid; Silence is golden"

And sometimes I think it is better to let the flowers speak for themselves, to leave things unsaid, especially in the late August light, so golden.

And lastly, bread.....croissants from the Duchess Bakery here in Edmonton. Which really, also speaks for itself. The silence of bread....something holy about it....


  1. Until the crackle of the first bite! maybe a different kind of holiness then..

  2. "the silence of bread . . . something holy in it."
    what a beautiful thought.
    thank you for the calm and depth of this entire post.
    not to mention that you capture light perfectly.


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