Thursday, August 29, 2013

angel in the suburbs

When I was coming home after being out in the fog, after taking all those photos from yesterday's post, I walked by a small and worn out looking car and it was covered in dew, and almost seemed to have some of the fog inside it. But there was this little angel that glowed from within, hanging from the rearview mirror. Often you see crosses, or rosary beads, once in a while a hamsa - placed for protection I guess, for luck -  but this little crocheted angel seemed rather special. As I was walking by, I felt the presence of this be-fogged ornament to be something of a blessing. More kitsch than an object of beauty, and still, after looking at my ordinary path in the fog, taking those photographs, seeing it anew, I couldn't help but also seeing this little figure as something rather lovely. It made me smile, anyway, made me feel happy. 

The strange moments of beauty in the suburbs. And I keep thinking I should be recording them with more diligence. So perhaps this is a start.


  1. I love reading how you came across this and why it affected you- love posts like this.

    1. Thanks for this, Diane, and for your other lovely comments!


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