Monday, August 26, 2013

God comes to your window

D U S T 

Someone spoke to me last night,
told me the truth. Just a few words,
but I recognized it.
I knew I should make myself get up,
write it down, but it was late,
and I was exhausted from working
all day in the garden, moving rocks.
Now, I remember only the flavor -
not like food, sweet or sharp.
More like a fine powder, like dust.
And I wasn't elated or frightened,
but simply rapt, aware.
That's how it is sometimes -
God comes to your window,
all bright light and black wings,
and you're just too tired to open it.

- from, What We Carry (on the recommended shelf above)

"This was our ambition: to be small and clear and free.
Alas, the summer’s energy wanes quickly,
A moment and it is gone. And no longer
May we make the necessary arrangements, simple as they are. "

- from 'Soonest Mended' by John Ashbery

How I love that line: this was our ambition: to be small and clear and free.

And yes, summer wanes. The flowers fade in droves. And yet, there are a few new ones, late bloomers, popping up. The light is changing - its arrival is later and its departure is earlier. It's more golden. The summer's energy is waning, but really, I feel like mine might, just might, finally be returning.

There's one week before school begins again for our daughter. I have to admit I've been looking back over the last couple of months, and remembering the list I had made in my head before summer began- all those things I wanted to do, accomplish. And how very many of them are yet undone. But this was before I knew that all of July would be taken over by Bell's Palsy, and a lot of August as well. That my energy would be next to nil for so much of summer. That so many days the gods would come to my window, and I'd be too tired to open it.

This fall though - the window, wide open, wide open.

One of the crazy things on my list was to change up the look of Calm Things. So as you can see, I'm working on that. More to do, really, but you'll notice the addition of social media icons to the right. (Courtesy of Carrie Loves).  I don't have a Facebook icon, but you're welcome to 'friend' me there as well.

One thing I'm really enjoying is this end of August bokeh.....The apple tree with all its lovely yellow apples add a golden glow.

The poppies are still blooming and then quickly fading. I keep putting them in my diary once they've had their day. I used to put flowers in books all the time, and leaves. A habit I've gotten out of in my old age.

Another of the bird with the waning garden to hold up. Just a little longer please....


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